Welcome to Scott's All*Stars' web page.  Scott's All*Stars is a 501 c3 non-profit organization that focuses on academic excellence  and athletic exposure/training.  Our season is from September to July, but we provide mentoring throughout the year.  This is the fourth year for our program which include the ABC's of Scott's All*Stars.  The ABC's are Academics first, Basketball training and exposure via Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), community service and college visit, and dedicated mentors that preach drug prevention.  We currently have teams composed of grades 6-8.   Once we accept a player, we intend for all players to stay in the program until graduation from high school.  All of our players are expected to receive a full college scholarship in academics and/or athletics.  All players are required to perform monthly community service, maintain an 80 GPA, and receive no discipline referrals during the school year.  If you have additional questions after previewing our website, please feel free to call me or email one of our coaches.  We look forward to another successful season, as we plan to continue our parental partnership with all parents until your child's graduation from high school.

Scott’s All*Stars, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                        

1102 Tomahawk Trail        

Hinesville, GA 31313                                                    

Business:  912.332.7482                                                             

Cell:  912.655.4371                                                                 
Email: scottsallstars@scottsallstars.com    
President: Marcus Scott, IV                                  

                                              SCOTT'S ALL*STARS                             
                                                  “Where Excellence is Expected”



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